Founded by Mr. A. K. Gupta in 1999, TPM Consultants today have a large network of clients, who trust TPM's quality services.

Over a period of 10 years, TPM has developed a good relationship with Indian companies requiring advise against cheap imports, and has proven itself at every point in time.

TPM outstands in providing best possible advice to Indian Industries seeking protection, and has an experience of handling more than 200 Anti- Dumping cases. TPM has been assisting foreign organizations in handling cases, too.

TPM is a blend of hard working and committed professionals from different backgrounds, who are constantly invovled in thinking and planning better ways to help each and every client with great care.

At TPM, our constant endeavor is to know more about the subject, in order to provide better services day after day.

Our Team

TPM has some of the most experienced and qualified professionals including, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, MBA, Engineers and Biotechnologist.

TPM Professionals have an excellent understanding and knowledge of law, business regulations, accounting practices, costing, finance and taxation. Team is efficient and Capable of understanding the most challenging work.

TPM has been largely assisting Indian Producers seeking imposition of anti dumping duty. We have been involved in more than 200 cases by now. Our success rate is more than 90% in terms of petitions filed by us and duties imposed by the Government.

Our History

TPM assisted Foreign Producers facing anti dumping cases in India. A number of cases handled by us have ended either with no anti dumping duties or very low level of duties.

TPM has been assisting Indian Producers facing action outside India. A number of these cases were handled independently without any counsel/lawyer in the investigating countries. A number of cases have ended either with no duties or low level of duties.

TPM is assisting Government of India in on-going consultations for WTO amendments to Anti Dumping Agreement. TPM has independently organized workshops on anti dumping and anti subsidy in New Delhi and participated in several workshops throughout the Country.