TPM is a multi- cultural group of experienced people proficient in costing, economic, financial and legal issues.

A team of professionals working in anti-dumping measures, safeguards, subsidies, other trade protective measures, Intellectual Property Rights, Generalized System of Preferences and Enterprise Resource Planning.

Professionals have excellent knowledge base, and are dedicated to unrestricted working domain of TPM. It may not always be that one find herself/ himself doing the work assigned to her/ him in a particular way, but may have to use her/ his own understanding in order to provide improved quality work, and may need to think out of the box sometimes in order to complete the work assigned.


Working with TPM is not what one could restrict her/

his thoughts to; it’s much more- working for client, who drives TPM business.

At TPM, we believe in ‘Quality Services’, and so, we look for self- motivating, creative and innovative people, who can drive themselevs through difficult and challenging times to make each and every project successful.

Internship at TPM

TPM normally welcomes internship requests from the college. However, if you are not able to apply through college and are interested in internship with TPM, please fill the prescribed format and our HR Department will get back to you accordingly.

Send Resume at

What we offer?

TPM always look for hard working professionals and provides opportunity to students to become hard working professionals in the field of International Trade.

TPM is a high – potential and high – energy workplace, which requires strong commitment, excellent domain knowledge & thinking ability, creative mind- set and good communication skills. Our pre- recruitment and post- recruitment processes are based on the same.

TPM provides internship to students undergoing law or accounting courses. The applications are scrutinised on the basis of number of vacancies available in TPM, past academic and internship/ trainee record of the student and the duration of the internship/ trainee. TPM also considers providing PPO to most deserving candidates.

We would like to hear about you and your career interests, should your goals align with our business purpose.