TPM now among “Top 10 Most Valuable Legal Consultant Companies 2016”

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TPM Solicitors Consultants: Experts in the Area of Trade Remedial Measures

Article in IEEMA Journal - September 2013.

Dumping Laws : Is Relief Accessible to Small Scale Sector?

There are a number of products where small scale sector coexists with large or medium scale sector and the industry benefited under anti dumping laws. These include products such as lead acid batteries, dry cell batteries, zinc oxide, newsprint, barium carbonate, sport shoes, paracetamol, ball bearings, hexamine

Article in IEEMA Journal - June 2013.
Trade Agreements : Boon or Bane?


The Govt of India has signed a number of Trade Agreements in the past two decades. The objective of these Trade Agreements broadly is to get commercial and economical advantages

Discussion at Rajya Sabha TV - Nov 2012.

Law of the Land- Anti Dumping